Rubber Paving Benefits

Refresh the exterior of your home by having Dura Paving products installed over your existing cracked driveways, sidewalks, patios and garage pads.

Dura Paving rubber paving products are environmentally friendly, supporting green initiatives currently trending in the construction industry. Dura Paving products are composed of 100% recycled tires which keeps them from ending up in landfills. Additionally when installing Dura Paving products there is no need to remove your existing concrete or asphalt surface, which can be costly and time consuming and increases landfill waste.

Dura Paving products can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications:

  • Driveway and walkways around your home or office.
  • Patios, concrete pads even on your existing wood deck.
  • Pool decks to make them slip resistant, durable and safe.
  • Curbs, steps, pathways and entrances into your home.
  • Garage floors and commercial bays.



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Why Use Rubber Paving For Driveways, Walkways, Patio & Pools?

Rubber paving is a cost effective solution that revitalizes existing concrete or asphalt applications in residential and commercial properties. The use of rubber paving as a replacement option, on average, recycles 125 tires for each driveway application!

Dura Paving combines our proprietary, scientifically engineered epoxy to recycled tire granules – creating a durable weather resistant rubber surface and is 100% Environmentally friendly. Our system revitalizes and adds curb appeal and functionality to your home, not to mention increases your property value for years!

Some of the many advantages to rubber paving besides keeping thousands of tires out of the Canadian landfills are:

  • Durability
  • Safe for children to play on
  • Non slip surface
  • Easy maintenance – just wash with your hose or a pressure washer
  • Doesn’t retain water
  • Looks AMAZING
  • 100% GREEN product
  • Outperforms asphalt or concrete
  • WON’T crack and crumble
  • Cost-Effective Surfacing Solution
  • Made For Canadian Weather Extremes

Common Questions About Rubber Paving?

Rubber surfacing is becoming one of the most popular and best choices for driveways, sidewalks, steps, playgrounds, and anywhere that calls for a reliable, resilient surface.

What is Rubber Paving?

Rubber Paving is an eco-friendly, safe, and cost-effective way to resurface and revitalize old surfaces like concrete on driveways or walkways. It can also be used as new installation for any residential or commercial space.

Is the rubber paving durable?

YES: Rubber paving is one of the most durable, cost-effective, easy to maintain products available suited to our Canadian climate.

Can you put rubber paving on driveways?

YES: Rubber surfacing is an excellent choice for driveway application and available in multiple colours.

Do you have to remove the old concrete or pavement?

NO: Can be installed over existing asphalt, concrete, or compacted sub-base aggregate.

Will the rubber paving ever crack?

NO: Our Dura Paving product is held strictly by urethane which is as durable as the rubber granules themselves. Cracking is not an issue.

Does the rubber ever need to be resealed?

NO: Our products will not need to be resealed from UV exposure or any other outdoor or indoor components.

Does the rubber paving smell?

NO: There will be a small odor when the product is being installed. The odor will leave once the product has cured after 24 hours of being administered.

How long does installation take?

NOT LONG:  Installation usually takes no longer than a day to be applied. The only exceptions are jobs that are commercial in size.

How long is the cure time?

24 HOURS: You can walk on Dura Paving surfaces after it has been sitting for 24 hours. You can drive over these same surfaces after the first 72 hours.

Will there be damage to our landscaping?

NO: Our process is a Low Impact Install: Dura Paving does not use any heavy equipment for installation. Our installation will not affect any current landscaping.

Will there be visible seams in our rubber paving?

NO: Dura Paving uses rubber product which expands and contracts with the underlying surface. Every project is seamless.

Will the colors ever fade?

NO: The colored rubber is colored all the way through. We can guarantee that the colour will not rub off over time. When the product is first applied, it will have a very glossy look but after cure time it will have more of a matte finish will stay.